Thoroughbred Cross Foals

Lyndhurst Stud has a group of "nanny mares" which are used as foster mothers in case a thoroughbred mare should die or be unable to properly feed her foal. These mares are mostly clydesdale or Belgian blue heavy horses who have been selected for their kind natures and great milk producing capacity.

So that the nanny mare can give milk she needs to have a foal herself so we breed the mares to our thoroughbred stallion Champions Gallery.

The nanny foals are reared by their mother until weaning when they then become available for sale.

Our crossbred foals are always in great demand because of their intelligence, kind nature and athleticism. His progeny excel at dressage, showjumping, eventing and other equestrian activities.

Contact us to put your name down on the list for a Lyndhurst crossbred foal. They are in great demand.